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At Spire, we’re changing the game for contracting. Our culture and team are focused on more than just the best quality work and a great customer experience. We want to exceed those expectations by so much we set a new standard for the entire industry. Guided by our values of Respect, Rigor, and Responsibility, we’re a team who believes that meeting the deadline and coming in under budget are the bare minimum for meeting the standard.

Spire has a value based approach to recruitment. We work hard to build a cohesive team that portrays respect, rigor, and responsibility in all departments. While experience is important, we believe that attitude and mentality are key elements for success. 

Spire is a team with a purpose and a bright future in this evolving industry. From partnering with our clients on their projects to working in our community to make a difference, Spire is always building something better.

Are you looking for a job in the contracting, construction management, or roofing fields that’s more than just another gig? Do you want to be part of something bigger? Are you interested in a  construction company with a vision and the opportunity to grow in new and exciting ways?

Think You Might Be a Fit for the Spire Team?

As a growing company we are always looking to build relationships with potential team members. If you are interested in joining the team or hearing more about opportunities please reach out today.

Custom home construction of outdoor patio shower with rustic steel privacy walls
Custom home construction of white kitchen with stone island counters, white and gold chandeliers, arched doorway to dining room

A Values Based Approach to Construction

Before considering a budget, scope, or schedule; Spire approaches every project with 3 core values. Whether working on a project, building a team, or giving back to the community our core values are at the forefront of everything we do.


Spire believes that respect must be given to be received. The Spire team exudes this value through treating every client, project, team member, and the community with thoughtfulness.


Spire believes in working hard to meet a common goal. Having a high level of urgency is the way we get projects done.


Our company culture encourages truth and accountability in order to foster continual improvement both individually and collectively.

Meet the Spire Team

Want to meet the team that makes Spire the incredible place it is? Take a look at our team page and meet your future coworkers.